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RMC Production

Statistics of the production of transport concrete in Slovakia in previous years.

Production technology

The production of the concrete is made in small and relatively simple ...

Map of RMC plant locations

Find your nearest concrete plant and information about it ...

Window SAVT - July

New standards and regulations

  • The National Annex to STN EN 206 is being revised. Any proposals for changes in the National Annex to STN EN 206 must be sent to the members of TNK123 for concrete


  • SAVT publication "Permeable Concrete" (available from SAVT members)
  • Publication "25 Years of SAVT" (available at SAVT)
  • "Guideline for exposed concrete", issued by SAVT (can be purchased at SAVT - price € 12, including VAT)
  • Proceedings of the conference "CONCRETE 2021" - available at SAVT (price 18 €, including VAT)
  • SAVT leaflets:
    • Concreting in hot and cold weather
    • Concrete professionals
  • (leaflets available from SAVT members)

Professional seminars, conferences

SAVT Members

Latest articles and documents

Bus stops for city transport

Concrete biking trails

Concreting and treatment of concrete

Concrete production 2022
We are preparing a conference with international participation "Concrete production 2022",
6. - 7.10.2022 Strbske pleso, hotel Patria

Eleventh year of the photo competition "Our concrete on construction sites"

Representative bodies of association

Ing. Andrej Hrabovský

Ing. Andrej Hrabovský

President SAVT

Ing. Ivan Hanzliček

Ing. Ivan Hanzliček

Chairman for safety at work and sustainability

Ing.Tomáš Kacko

Ing.Tomáš Kacko

Chairman for Marketing

Ing. Martin Dováľ PhD.

Ing. Martin Dováľ PhD.

Chairman for educational and publishing activities

Ing. Pavol Kňaze, CSc.

Ing. Pavol Kňaze, CSc.

General Secretary