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In last 3 years SAVT has published these below mentioned publications (older publications are not mentioned but they are available at SAVT). These publications are in disposition for our costumers at SAVT members and they all were given to participants on conferences, seminars and workshops organised by SAVT.  According to the focus of the publication they were also given to participants on conferences of designers of concrete constructions and  on the professional events of building contractors.

Image 1

Guideline “Sight Concrete”


Image 4

Professionals at work with concrete

 Image 5

Concrete for industrial floors


Image 6

Concreting at cold and hot weather conditions


Image 7

Bike trails from concrete


Image 8

Roundabout from concrete


Image 9

Guideline “Standard STN EN 206 (+ NA)”


 Image 11


Proceedings from conferences "BETÓN 20.." and seminars "VÝROBA BETÓNU 20.."

Image 10

Concreting and curing of concrete